Karthago - The Second String Rambler, from "Live at the Roxy", their 4th album, released in 1976. Formed in B erlin in 1970, the musicians of Karthago came from all over Germany and from various backgrounds. Strongly influenced by British and US bands, they developed a more mainstream rock fusion style than most Berlin bands, similar to Chicago, Heaven and Black Widow. The members were Wolfgang Brock on drums, Tommy Goldschmidt on drums and percussion, Joey Albrecht on guitar and vocals, Ingo Bischof on organ and vocals and Gerald Hartwig on bass and vocals. Their debut, self titled album, released in 1971, had strong jazz, rock and funk elements, and was a fine example of the genre. Their second album, "Second Step", was also very good, although it was becoming clear that they were moving in a more mainstream rock direction, a fact very evident on their third album, "Rock 'n Roll Testament". This album featured ex-Jethro Tull and Wild Turkey bassist Glenn Cornick and ex-Twenty Sixty Six and Then drummer Konni B ommarius. Our featured album, a double live album released as a single CD, was fairly well received, and featured ex-Atlantis drummer Ringo Funk (it can safely be ascertained that Karthago had a slight problem with drummers!). A fifth and final album, "Love is a Cake", was released in 1977. Most of the m usicians in the band went on to work in other bands, whilst Albrecht refused to give up and reformed Karthago on at least two occasions.

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Karthago - 1971 - Karthago - 4/5

Karthago - 1974 - Rock N Roll Testament - 3/5

Karthago - 1976 - Live - 3.5/5

Karthago - 1976 - Live at the Roxy - 3/5

Karthago - 1978 - Love Is A Cake - 2/5

Karthago - 1980 - Second Step - 3.5/5



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