Junipher Greene - Magical Garden, from "Friendship", their debut album, released in 1971. Junipher Greene were one of Norway's best progressive rock outfits, formed in the early seventies. Information about them is almost nigh impossible to find, but it would appear that the band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Bent Aaserud, drummer/vocalist Geir Boehren, keyboard p layer Helge Groesli and bassist Oeyvind Villibo. Their jazz influenced sound is probably best compared to that of UK outfit Tonton Macoute, with some l ovely flute thrown in for good measure. This debut offering is apparently their only album currently available on CD, which is a pity, because their follow-up, "Communication", which came out in 1973, was excellent, but difficult to track down outside of their home country. It would appear that they split in 1975, with the obligatory "Best of " album being released that year, and then they reformed in 1980, releasing a further two albums.  

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Junipher Greene - 1971 - Friendship - 4/5

Junipher Greene - 1973 - Communication - 2.5/5

Junipher Greene - 1982 - Forbudte formiddagstoner - 3/5



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