Journey were formed in 1973 by ex- Santana members, Gregg Rolie on vocals and keyboards and Neil Schon on guitars. Bassist Ross Valory was recruited, as was drummer Aynsley Dunbar, previously with his own blues/rock band and also with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Zappa's The Mothers of Invention.( Dunbar replaced original drummer, The Tubes' Prairie Prince, who left before the first album was recorded ). Their first studio album, released in 1975 and featuring George Tickner on vocals, today still stands head and shoulders above many of the organ/guitar based rock/fusion stuff that was being churned out at the time. In fact, many people felt that Journey's first three albums were their best. An extremely competent band they were - megastars they weren't, that is, until Steve Perry, ex-Alien Project, joined in 1978. He brought in a whole new dimension to Journey's music, and their popularity soared to such an extent that they became one of the US's biggest concert attractions.This album featured one of the world's top drummers, Steve Smith, also known for his work with his own band, Vital Information. Journey split in the late eighties and reformed a few years ago. Perry is no longer in the band.

Journey - Mystery Mountain, from "Journey", their debut album, released in 1975. The road to fame, which was to come a few years later for this frighteningly talented US outfit, started here, with this stunning fusion tinged rock album. When keyboard player Gregg Rolie and guitarist Neal Schon left Santana, they formed the oddly titled "The Golden Gate Rhythm Section" prior to forming Journey with Tubes drummer Prairie Prince, bassist Ross Valory and rhythm guitarist George Tickner. Prairie Prince couldn't be permanently lured away from The Tubes and he was replaced by the experienced Aynsley Dunbar ( Retaliation, John Mayall, Mothers of Invention, etc). With Rolie handling the vocals, the album was recorded in 1975 with producer Roy Halee. Journey had come a long way since they were first formed in late 1973, and the endless touring had paid dividends. Many die-hard Journey fans swear blind that they prefer the bands' earlier albums, before the Steve Perry-era swept them to mind boggling heights. Tickner left after the debut album and the band went on to release a further two very good albums( "Look into the Future" and "Next") before the aforementioned Perry (ex- Alien Project) joined and the band's fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better with 1978's "Infinity" album. Journey's subsequent success and fame is legendary, with them becoming one of the US's biggest concert attractions. The band folded in the late eighties and reformed in 1996. Perry, in the interim, has left the band and has been replaced bye x-Tyketto/Tall Stories vocalist Steve Augeri, who is a very good and talented replacement for the man with one of the most unique voices in rock music. Journey's new album, "Arrival", should be released in the first few weeks of October. If the tracks on the advance CD are anything to go by, then Journey are certainly back to their rocking best! Watch the new releases section for the album review when it's released.  

Journey - Separate Ways, from "Frontiers" in 1983, their 10th album. We featured this very album a while back. It's generally felt by many fans to be one of the best albums ever recorded by this immensely popular outfit. At this stage, only guitarist Neil Schon and bassist Ross Valory remained of the original Journey, who were formed in 1973. The other original members were keyboard player/vocalist Gregg Rolie, vocalist/rhythm guitarist George Tickner and drummer Aynsley Dunbar. Vocalist Steve Perry, e x-Alien Project, joined the band in 1978, as did Steve Smith the following y ear. Rolie left in 1981and was replaced by ex-Baby's keyboard player Jonathan Cain. This line-up appeared on our featured album, which featured a number of charting hits. Unfortunately, the release of the album also heralded a period of inactivity and after a series of internal disputes, Journey was reduced to the trio of Schon, Cain and Perry, who recorded 1986's "Raised on Radio". This proved to be the band's final album and they split in 1987, with Cain and Schon joining John Waite's Bad English. J ourney reformed in 1996 and are still around today. Their new album, "Arrival", featuring Tyketto singer Steve Augeri in place of Perry, is due for release shortly. 

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Biography by William Ruhlmann
During their initial 14 years of existence (1973-1987), Journey altered their musical approach and their personnel extensively while becoming a top touring and recording band. The only constant factor was guitarist Neal Schon (born February 27, 1954), a music prodigy who had been a member of Santana in 1971-1972. The original unit, which was named in a contest on KSAN-FM in San Francisco, featured Schon, bassist Ross Valory, drummer Prairie Prince (replaced by Aynsley Dunbar), and guitarist George Tickner (who left after the first album). Another former Santana member, keyboard player and singer Gregg Rolie, joined shortly afterward. This lineup recorded Journey (1975), the first of three moderate-selling jazz-rock albums given over largely to instrumentals. By 1977, however, the group decided it needed a strong vocalist/frontman and hired Steve Perry (born January 22, 1949). The results were immediately felt on the fourth album, Infinity (1978), which sold a million copies within a year. (By this time, Dunbar had been replaced by Steve Smith.) Evolution (1979) was similarly successful, as was Departure (after which Rolie was replaced by Jonathan Cain). Following a live album, Captured (1981), Journey released Escape, which broke them through to the top ranks of pop groups by scoring three Top Ten hit singles, all ballads highlighting Perry's smooth tenor: "Who's Crying Now," "Don't Stop Believin'," and "Open Arms." The album topped the charts and sold millions. Frontiers (1983), featuring the hit "Separate Ways," was another big success, after which Perry released a double-platinum solo album, Street Talk (1984). When the group got back together to make a new album, Valory and Smith were no longer in the lineup and Raised on Radio (1986) was made by Schon, Perry, and Cain, who added other musicians for a tour.

Following the tour, Journey disbanded. Perry went into a prolonged period of seclusion as Schon and Cain formed Bad English with vocalist John Waite. Bad English had several hit singles, including the chart-topper "When I See You Smile," before breaking up. Perry returned to recording in 1994, releasing For the Love of Strange Medicine. Although the album went gold, it was a commercial disappointment by previous standards. In 1996, Perry, Schon, Cain, Valory, and Smith staged a Journey reunion, releasing the million-selling Trial by Fire, which featured the gold-selling Top 20 single "When You Love a Woman," and going on tour. Perry and Smith opted out of the reunion after the tour, but Journey continued, hiring a new lead singer, Steve Augeri (formerly of Tall Stories), and a new drummer, Bad English's Deen Castronovo, who made their debuts on "Remember Me," a track on the 1998 Armageddon soundtrack. The band next reconvened in 2001. Arrival, Journey's 11th new studio album, was released in April, followed by a national tour. The band received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 21, 2005. That same year they released a new album, Generations, and embarked on their 30th anniversary tour. Shows on the tour stretched over three hours long and were divided into two sets — one focusing on pre-Escape material, the other on post-Escape material. The archival release Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour appeared on both DVD and CD in 2006. 


Steve Perry
Neal Schon
Steve Smith
Jonathan Cain
Gregg Rolie
Aynsley Dunbar
Deen Castronovo
George Tickner
Ross Valory
Steve Auger

John Waite
Eddie Money
Lou Gramm
Benny Mardones
Pat Benatar
Peter Frampton
REO Speedwagon
Robert Palmer
Ted Nugent
Night Ranger
Meat Loaf
Honeymoon Suite
Damn Yankees
Cheap Trick

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Journey - 1975 - Journey - 2/5

Journey - 1976 - Look Into the Future - 2/5

Journey - 1977 - Next - 2/5

Journey - 1978 - Infinity - 4/5

Journey - 1979 - Evolution - 4.5/5

Journey - 1980 - Departure - 3.5/5

Journey - 1981 - Captured - 3/5

Journey - 1981 - Escape - 4.5/5

Journey - 1983 - Frontiers - 4/5

Journey - 1985 - Dream After Dream - 2.5/5

Journey - 1986 - Raised on Radio - 3/5

Journey - 1996 - Trial by Fire - 1.5/5

Journey - 2001 - Arrival - 3/5

Journey - 2005 - Generations - 4.5/5

Journey - 2006 - Live in Houston 1981, The Escape Tour (CD) - 4/5



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