Jonny Lang is one of the most talented blues guitarists/singers in the world today. He was in his late teens when he recorded this great album, and he's accompanied here by keyboard player Ricky Peterson and ex-Cobra/Black Oak Arkansas guitarist Jack Holder.This young guy's vocals belie his age - he sounds and plays like a seasoned professional! He's released two albums to date, and has appeared with a number of well known musicians, including the members of Double Trouble, Stevie Ray Vaughan's band.

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Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Modern blues in the '90s had a weird phenomenon of teenage blues guitarists rocketing to popularity with their first album. The entire trend culminated with Jonny Lang, a guitarist from Fargo, North Dakota, who released his solo debut album Lie to Me when he was 15. At the age of 12, he attended a show by the Bad Medicine Blues Band and began playing with the group. Several months later he had become the leader, and the newly re-named Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang relocated from Fargo to Minneapolis and released their debut album, Smokin, in 1995. The LP became a regional hit, leading to a major-label bidding war and culminating in Lang's signing to A&M Records in 1996. Early in 1997, his major-label debut, Lie to Me, was released to mixed reviews; Wander This World followed late the next year.



Chris Pati
Corey Stevens
John Campbell
Popa Chubby
Chris Duarte
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Monster Mike Welch
Robert Cray
Scott Holt
Grady Champion

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Jonny Lang - 1995 - Smokin' - 2.5/5

Jonny Lang - 1997 - Lie to Me - 3/5

Jonny Lang - 1998 - Wander This World - 4/5

Jonny Lang - 2003 - Long Time Coming (14 Tracks) - 2/5

Jonny Lang - 2006 - Turn Around - 3/5



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