Jonesy were a really competent English band in the Moody Blues / King Crimson mould, with lots of layered violins, harpsichords and mellotrons. The band was formed by Jamie Kaleth (keyboards/vocals), Dave Paul (bass/vocals), John Evan Jones (guitar/vocals) and Jim Payne on drums. Gypsy Jones replaced John Evan Jones, Plug Thomas replaced Jim Payne, with trumpet player Alan Bown joining for the bands' final two albums in 1973, adding an interesting avant garde a la Miles Davis feel to the bands' music. All three of this great bands' albums, originally released on the Dawn Record label, have been released on CD and are worthwhile additions to your collection. 

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Jonesy - 1972 - No Alternative - 3.5/5

Jonesy - 1973 - Growing - 3/5

Jonesy - 1973 - Keeping Up - 3.5/5

Jonesy - 2003 - Sudden Prayers Make God Jump (Recorded 1974) - 3.5/5



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