Jody Street - What you gonna do now?, from their self-titled, and only, album, released in 1980. This little known, but very promising UK quartet was formed by guitarist John Mizarolli, and f eatured vocalist Noel McCalla, bassist Henry Thomas and drummer Brett Morgan. Their music is best described as hard rock with jazz undertones. Mizarolli gained a good reputation as the featured guitarist in d rummer Ginger Baker's Energy. He first began playing guitar at the age of 12, his main inspirations being Chuck Berry, Elvis, Hendrix and Johhny Rivers. He moved to the US where he spent four years touring and doing session work with, for example, The Platters. He joined Energy on his return to the UK. McCalla had previously been in mid 70's soul/rock outfit Moon and he also worked with Sniff 'n the Tears. Mizarolli, apart from releasing a number of solo albums, also f eatured with Atomic Rooster on their "Headline News" album in 1983.  

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