Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes -Heartbreaker, taken off "Live at The Greek", released this year. Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes? Yes, and does it work or what?! The collaboration of Zep's guitarist and Chris Robinson's boys seemed, at first, to be quite as trange marriage, but they do it so well! They do amazing versions of classics such as ''The Lemon Song","Whole Lotta Love",''Celebration Day" and a host of others, enough to keep any self-respecting Zeppelin ecstatically happy. The first CD of this double album includes previously unreleased live performance footage and photos. Audley Freed, ex-Cry of Love, joins Page and Rich Robinson on guitar, with Ed Harsch on keyboards, Sven Pipien on bass and Steve Gorman on drums. Chris Robinson may not be Robert Plant, but he does a damn fine job. Wonder if Page will be working with the Black Crowes a bit more in the future? If this album's anything to go by, they belong together! Great stuff and highly recommended. The cherry on the top, by the way, is that our very own Kevin "Caveman" Shirley is once again doing production work. 

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes 
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Custard Pie, from "Live at The Greek", released in 2000. This stunning double live album was Classic Rock's album of last year. Jimmy Page, you hopefully by now know (if not, stop reading this and go back to your Boy George and Britney SpearesC D's!), gained a reputation as one of the world's top guitarists as a f ounding member of Led Zeppelin. He joined forces with The Black Crowes (Rich Robinson on guitars and vocals, Chris Robinson on vocals, Audley Freed on g uitars -ex Cry of Love, Ed Harsch on keys, Steve Gorman on drums and Sven Pipen on bass), and they recorded the album towards the end of 1999. It appeared to be a union made in heaven, as they really sound good together, handling c lassic Zep tracks such as "Celebration Day", "Heartbreaker" and our f eatured track almost as if they had a hand in writing them, together with Page, all those years ago! The Black Crowes, who've also become recognized as one of the best blues/rock outfits around today, have just released a new album," Lions", a review of which you can look forward to in these pages in due course. In the meantime, give "Live at The Greek" a listen - it wasn't album of the year for nothing!  

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Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes - 2000 - Live at the Greek - 4/5



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