Jericho - Don't you let me down, from "Jericho", their second and final album, released in 1972. Information about this excellent Israeli band is unfortunately scarcer than copies of Robert Mugabe's book on "How to make friends and influence people". Vivid memories of this powerful band jamming with South Africa's Hawk in the early seventies are fondly stored in the shallow parts of Leon's peasized brain. Awesome stuff - two shithot guitarists, Haim Romano and Robb Huxley, vocalist Danny Shoshan, bassist Mike Gabriellov and drummer Ami Triebich made up the band that were relatively famous for their awesome "Ethiopia" anthem which was given a fair amount of airplay in the days when radio stations played real music. Initially known as Jericho Jones, they released an album called "Junkies, Monkeys and Donkeys", in 1971. Not a bad album by any means, it was nonetheless overshadowed by this, their final effort. Why the "Jones" part of the name was dropped is anyone's guess, but all we can say is that this second album, and to a lesser degree the rarer first album,(both originally released on A & M Records), should have a spot in the collection of any self-respecting lover of good, old fashioned seventies hard rock music. Both are available on CD, and have been for the past ten years or so. Vinyl copies of the first album are as scarce as copies of uncle Bob's latest book, " How to be classified as a war veteran, even though you're only sixteen years old". 

Biography by John Bush
Frank De Felice, Danny Gerard, Fred Keeler and Gord Fleming, known as Jericho, released a self-titled album in 1971 on Ampex Records and split soon after. 




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Jericho - 1972 - Jericho - 4/5



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