Another excellent German band, this time from the city of Hannover. Jane evolved out of "Justice of the Peace", or "The JP's" in the late sixties. They were one of Germany's first progressive outfits, influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, with strong keyboard and guitar parts. Unlike other German bands of the day, such as Guru Guru and Novalis, Jane's lyrics were in English. Their first album, "Together", released in 1972 on the Brain label, was very powerful and trippy, and it set the stage for a number of really good album releases during the course of the early to mid seventies. Drummer and founder member Peter Panka was the only constant original member throughout the bands' 13 or so albums.

Jane - Jane Session, from "Jane 3" in 1974. Here's another German outfit that's been featured on many occasions on the Dinosaur Days. Their roots go way back to Hannover in the late sixties when they evolved out of a group called "Justice of the Peace", or "The JP's". The original members were vocalist Bernd Pulst, drummer Peter Panka, guitarist Klaus Hess, bassist/vocalist Charly Maucher and keyboard player/flautist Werner Nadolny. They released their debut album, "Together" on the elite Brain label in 1971. It was a very powerful and trippy album with great riffs and keyboardp arts. The album did fairly well for the band, but Pulst soon left and Panks took over the lead vocal spot, with new guitarist Wolfgang Krantz joining the band in time for their 1973 album, "Here we Are". This was a great sequel to the debut and showed that the band were certainly going places. Our featured album was a masterpiece and featured the band close to their peak. The band had trimmed down to quartet, with Nadolny going on to form Lady in 1976 and Warlock in 1983. In 1974, Gottfried Janko (ex-Dull Knife), joined the band and they seemed to adopt a more mainstream rock direction, and the resulting album," Lady",(with new bassist Martin Hesse), had some very good moments. Original bassist Maucher had formed Harlis in September 1974 with Wolfgang Krantz and early Scorpions drummer Werner Lohr - they released two quite good albums, one in 1975 and the other in 1977. Jane, in the meantime, went on to release an umber of albums, well into the eighties, one or two of them a tad disappointing, especially if you enjoyed their original style. Nonetheless, Peter Panka has kept the band's name alive all these years and they're apparently still going strong today. An album, "Mother Jane", which is proving to be quite difficult to track down, was recently released. We're not sure who features on the album, but as soon as we get our copy, it'll be reviewed on the new releases page and you'll be able to read up on it there. 

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Charlie Maucher
Klaus Hess
Martin Hesse
Gottfried Janko
Wolfgang Krantz
Werner Nadolny
Peter Panka
Bernd Pulst
Manfred Wieczorke

Graham Coxon
Jonathan Donahue
Dave Matthews Band
Kim Fox
David Byron
Hector Zazou

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Jane - 1972 - Together - 4/5

Jane - 1973 - Here We Are - 4/5

Jane - 1974 - III - 3/5

Jane - 1975 - Fire, Water, Earth & Air - 3.5/5

Jane - 1975 - Lady - 2/5

Jane - 1977 - Between Heaven & Hell - 3.5/5

Jane - 1978 - Age of Madness - 2/5

Jane - 1979 - Sign No 9 - 3.5/5

Jane - 1981 - Jane - 2/5

Jane - 1983 - Germania - 2/5

Jane - 1993 - Live '89 - 3.5/5

Jane - 1993 - Live at Home - 3.5/5

Jane - 1998 - Together - 3/5

Jane - 2003 - Live 2002 - 3.5/5

Jane - 2003 - Shine On - 4/5



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