Jack Russell, for the uninitiated, is Great White's vocalist. He has one of the most distinctive voices in rock and is one of the best vocalists in the business. Featuring with Russell are Matt Johnson on guitars, Michael Lardie on rhythm guitar and keyboards, Tim Bogert on bass and Myron Grombacher on drums. This would almost pass as a bona fide Great White release, it's that good - Russell has surrounded himself with some really talented players here, and they handle the hard rock as effortlessly as they do the ballads, as is evident on our featured track.

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Biography by Bradley Torreano
Best-known as the singer for Great White since its inception in 1978, Jack Russell helped start the group in Southern California. The band had several hits and went through years of success before the '90s began to take their toll on the group. Declining sales and an apathetic attitude convinced the band to call it quits, but the death of Russell's father in the winter of 2001 convinced him to go back to music. He organized a band made up of several big-name session players and put together For You on Knight Records the next year.




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Jack Russell - 1999 - Shelter me - 4/5

Jack Russell - 2002 - For You - 4/5



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