Indigenous are a family of musicians, three brothers and a sister, from the native American Indian Nakota nation. Mato Nanji sings and plays guitar (we're talking serious talent in both departments here!), Pte is on bass and vocals, Wanbdi is the lady on drums and Horse plays percussion. This is blues rock of the highest degree and you'd be well advised to watch out for these very talented young musicians - they're d estined for greatness. They released a further album the same year, "Live at Pachyderm Studio 1998", as well as an excellent six track EP called" Blues this Morning", complete with two "hidden" tracks, one of which is a stunning version of Hendrix's "Red House". Their latest album, "Circle", released this year, is on a par with their previous material. Their albums are quite scarce in these parts of the world, so your best bet would be to make use of overseas mail order if you'd like to e xperience this very promising young blues rock outfit. 

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Biography by Heather Phares
The Native American blues-rock group Indigenous consists of three brothers, Mato Nanji (vocals and guitar), Pte (bass), and Horse (percussion), and their sister, Wanbdi (drums, vocals). The Nakota Nation members grew up on South Dakota's Yankton Indian Reservation and were inspired by their father, Greg Zephier, who had been a musician in the '60s and '70s and later became a spokesperson for Native American rights. The group released their 1998 debut album Things We Do on Pachyderm Records; the video for the title track was directed by Chris Eyre, who also directed the award-winning Native American film Smoke Signals. The group released Blues This Morning EP and Live at Pachyderm Studios in 1999, while winning acclaim from critics and artists like Bonnie Raitt, the Indigo Girls and Jackson Browne. The Circle followed in 2000. 



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Indigenous - 1998 - Things We Do - 4/5

Indigenous - 1999 - Live at Pachyderm Studios - 3/5

Indigenous - 2000 - Circle - 3/5

Indigenous - 2003 - Indigenous - 2.5/5

Indigenous - 2006 - Chasing the Sun - 3.5/5



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