Indian Summer - From the Film of the same Name, from "Indian Summer", their first and only album, released in 1971. Indian Summer were a British progressive quartet with tremendous potential. Formed in Coventry in 1969, they were managed by Jim Simpson, of Black Sabbath and Bakerloo fame. The members were Malcolm Harker on bass, Paul Hooper on drums, Bob Jackson on keys and Colin Williams on guitar and vocals. The liner notes on the original RCA Neon label pressing, which is quite rare and collectable, we might add, mentioned that Indian Summer were in fact up against Sabbath for the opportunity of signing a record deal. The record company chose Sabbath and history shows us that they made a very intelligent choice. Indian Summer, however, were too good to be overlooked, and a year later, the record company execs were once again called to see how well the band had developed. They were signed immediately and this debut album was released. Immediately after the album's release, however, Harker left to take over his father's engineering firm. He was replaced by ex-Sorrows' Wez Price. They went on tour to promote the band but decided to call it a day when it all came to nothing. Williams retired from music altogether, Hooper joined Jackson in the Dodgers in 1978 and is currently a member of The Fortunes. Jackson would go on to join Moon and later Badfinger, and he also featured with ex-Uriah Heep vocalist David Byron on his "On the Rocks" album. He's also featured with the likes of The Motors, Jeff Beck and Jack Bruce. Indian Summer were a really good band that deserved so much more than what they received. 

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Indian Summer - 1971 - Indian Summer (Neon,RCA,Repertoire) - 4/5

Indian Summer - 2005 - Indian Summer (Akarma) - 4/5



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