Hustler - Boogie Man, from "Play Loud", their second and final album, released in 1975. Hustler were a British boogie rock outfit with serious potential. They were formed in the early seventies by vocalist Steve Haynes, keyboard player Kenny Daughters, drummer Tony Beard, bassist Tigger Lyons and guitarist/vocalist Micky Llewellyn and they released their debut, self-titled album on A & M Records in 1974. This second album was much better than the debut but still didn't attract much attention and the band split in 1975, with Llewellyn going on to become a member of Mr. Big.

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Tony Beard
Kenny Daughters
Steve Haynes
Mickey Llewelyn
Kenny Lyons
Henry Spinetti


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Hustler - 1974 - High street - 3/5

Hustler - 1975 - Play Loud - 4.5/5



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