Hookfoot - Cruisin', taken from "Live in Memphis 1972", released in 1990. Hookfoot were one of England's best early seventies blues/rock outfits. They evolved out of two bands, The SoulA gents and The Loot, and were formed by bassist Dave Glover,( later to ber eplaced by Freddy Gandy, ex-Sam Gopal, Bluesology and Twink's Fairies), drummer Roger Pope and vocalist/guitarist Ian Duck. Second guitarist Caleb Quaye joined and Hookfoot released their self-titled debut album in 1971. They also became the house band for music publisher Dick James' DJM record label and the members appeared, individually or collectively, on numerous sessions, notably for Elton John on his "Tumbleweed Connection", "Elton John" and "Empty Sky" opuses. They released a total of four studio albums. This "long lost" live album, recorded in front of a seemingly appreciative US audience, demonstrated their true worth as a full-on boogie blues based outfit capable of holding their own in any company, with some really imaginative and exciting guitar playing from both Duck and Quaye, who, together with Pope, continued studio-based careers when this tragically underrated band split in the mid seventies. The German based SPM label has released some memorable material over the years: this fine album is undoubtedly one of their best.

Biography by Bruce Eder
Hookfoot was a quintet formed at the end of the '60s as a recording unit by a half-dozen session players associated with Dick James' publishing and later with his DJM Records label. They never made much of an impression on the charts, despite their work being licensed to A&M Records, through which they released four LPs in the U.S.A. Ian Duck (vocals, harmonica), Dave Glover (bass), Roger Pope (drums, vocals), and Caleb Quaye (guitar, vocals) were the original lineup, with Bob Kulick (guitar, vocals) coming in alongside Quaye, and Fred Gandy joining on bass later.  


Ian Duck
Fred Gandy
Dave Glover
Roger Pope
Caleb Quaye

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Maurice Gibb
Mama's Pride
Glenn Shorrock
Steven T.
Hoodoo Rhythm Devils
Resurrection Band
Ronnie Van Zant

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Hookfoot - 1971 - Hookfoot - 3/5

Hookfoot - 1972 - Good Times a' Comin' - 4/5

Hookfoot - 1973 - Communication - 2/5

Hookfoot - 1974 - Roaring - 3/5



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