Home were a fantastic UK p rogressive rock/folk outfit formed in the early seventies by vocalist/drummer Mick Cook, guitarists/vocalists Laurie Wisefield and Mick Stubbs and bassist Cliff Williams. From the onset, it was obvious that this great band had something special. Their melodies were incredible, as was their musicianship. Their debut album, "Pause for a hoarse Horse" was released in 1972. Sounding almost like an American progressive act, they demonstrated astounding arrangements and the ability to write excellent songs, with Man's Clive John helping out on keyboards. Wisefield's ever present guitar was the standout feature in this very good band. A third and final album, "The Alchemist", was released the following year to critical acclaim. This was undoubtedly their strongest album, and it came as a surprise when the band split after it's r elease, with Wisefield joining Wishbone Ash (and later Tina Turner's Band) and Cook joining AC/DC(!). Apparently, tapes exist for an unreleased 4th album. A live album was released, however: "Live BBC Sessions - 1972-73" came out in2 000, and it demonstrated that this great band was just as good live in concert as they were in the studio. Sadly, according to the Wisefield-penned liner notes, both Stubbs and Cook recently passed away. 

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Biography by Jason Ankeny
The lo-fi pop outfit Home formed in Tampa, Florida in the early '90s around the core of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Deutsch, keyboardist/vocalist Eric Morrison and bassist/vocalist Brad Truax. After gaining a local following, the group began recording a series of eight self-recorded cassettes — titled I through VIII — available only at a handful of Tampa-area stores and released on Home's own Screw Music Forever label. The tapes eventually earned the group a contract with the indie label Relativity, which issued IX in 1995; following the album's release, however, Relativity switched formats from rock to urban, allowing Home to find a new label. Instead, they found two — while Jetset expressed an interest in their more pop-oriented material, Emperor Jones latched onto the band's more experimental work. After recording with drummers Bill Bowman and Chuck Stephens, in 1996 Home issued two separate releases, X on Emperor Jones and Elf: Gulf Bore Waltz on Jetset; a move to New York followed, as did the addition of permanent drummer Chris Sturgeon. Netherregions followed in 1998, and a year later Home returned with XIV.  



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Home - 1995 - IX - 3/5

Home - 1996 - Elf, Gulf Bore Waltz - 3/5

Home - 1998 - 13, Netherregions - 4/5

Home - 1999 - XIV - 4.5/5

Home - 2006 - Sexteen - 4/5



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