Not much info is available on this excellent German progressive outfit, unfortunately, so the following info is based on albums we know about. As far as we are aware, the band was formed in the early nineties by guitarist/flautist/vocalist Wolfgang Hierl, bassist/vocalist Erich Kogler, drummer Uli Jenne and keyboard player/vocalist Andreas Lobinger. The band's debut album, "1910", was released in 1993. A stunning example of early nineties progressive rock, the album highlighted the talents of four very well schooled musicians who sound as if they were influenced by bands like Rush, Caravan and Kayak. The follow-up album, "Remember the Colours", released in in 1994, was equally as good and also featured a number of radio "unfriendly" long, involved prog masterpieces. Our featured album, once again with the same line-up, featured the band close to their peak, and it's a mystery why the band weren't subject to much more exposure and promotion. The fact that they unfortunately weren't signed to a a major label may have something to do with it. It's not known if they've released any further albums to date.

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High Wheel - 1993 - 1910 - 2.5/5

High Wheel - 1994 - Remember the Colours - 2.5/5

High Wheel - 1996 - There - 3.5/5

High Wheel - 1997 - Live '97 - 4/5

High Wheel - 2002 - Back from the Void - 3.5/5



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