Heaven - Morning Coffee (Theme to a movie), from "Brass Rock One", an awesome double debut album, released in1 971. The origins of this extremely powerful brass rock outfit seem to come from the UK, but we can't confirm this at this time. We can find absolutely no trace of them in any reference books (other than their inclusion in Terry Hounsome' s Rock Record book), but it would seem as if they're from the UK based on some of the band's guest musicians. Anyway, that minor detail aside, this is an album of hard rock with a biting brass section. The band has two lead guitarists, which is quite different for a brass/rock outfit, but it works really well.. We can't even lie and tell you that we know anything about them because, quite frankly, we don't. It's just good, solid brass/rock with a heavy touch. You may find the vocals a bit heavy on the ear, but don't let that put you off. Take early Chicago (Transit Authority era, that is!), throw in a bit of Blodwyn Pig and CWT, and you have a pretty good idea of what they sound like. 

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Allan Fryer


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Heaven - 1982 - Bent - 3/5

Heaven - 1982 - Twilight of Mischief - 2.5/5

Heaven - 1983 - Where Angels Fear to Tread - 3/5

Heaven - 1985 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door - 2.5/5



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