Headpins were an incredibly energetic Canadian boogie/hard rock quartet formed by ex-Chilliwack members, drummer Brian "Too Loud" MacLeod on drums and guitarist/vocalist Bill Henderson, who'd also been in The Collectors in the sixties, in the early eighties. They started Headpins as a studio project when their own band was inactive. They recruited the delectable Darby Mills, who must be one of the hottest female singers to ever front a rock band! If you could tear your eyes off this costume clad beauty with the stunning voice and awesome body, you'd see and hear that the band was actually very, very good, with some stunning guitar work from Macleod, who'd handed over the drumkit to Bernie Aubin for their second album, "Line of Fire", in 1983. Henderson had left the band after this debut album, and Aubin slotted in well with the band that also included Ab Bryant, another ex-Chilliwack member, on bass. A third and final album, " Head over Heels", featuring Mark Craney on drums and Darcy MacDonald on keyboards, was released in 1985. The band split after its release, with Mills reputedly forming a touring band. MacLeod also drummed for Grace Slick and Jefferson Starship in the mid eighties, was involved in a band called Wire Train, and got to grips (lucky sod!) with another Canadian goddess, Chrissy Steele, in 1991.

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Biography by John Bush
Ab Bryant and Brian Macleod (from Chilliwack) formed the Headpins in 1980 with Matt Frenette and vocalist Denise McCann (later replaced by Darby Mills). A deal with Solid Gold Records resulted in the band's debut, Turn It Loud (1982). Line of Fire and Head over Heels followed in 1983 and 1985, respectively; the Headpins disbanded in 1986 and released Greatest Hits in 1991. 



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Headpins - 1982 - Turn It Loud - 4/5

Headpins - 1984 - Line of Fire - 4/5

Headpins - 1986 - Head over Heels - 2.5/5



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