Hard Rain - You'd start a fight, from their first self-titled album, released in 1997. Hard Rain are also the subject of tonight's Dino Quiz, number 140.
( Question coming up a bit later ). British band Magnum's last official studio album was " Rock Art ", released in 1994. The band, one of England's best ever bands, worked really hard to finally get the acclaim that they so richly deserved, finally split when they were ahead, leaving many memorable albums in their wake. Guitarist Tony Clarkin and vocalist Bob Catley formed Hard Rain in 1997 and the dynamic songwriting and playing that was evident in Magnum, is now apparent in Hard Rain. They released a second album about a year ago, but we've heard rumours, which we will confirm once we know the truth, that Catley and Clarkin have finally parted ways since. Catley has just recently released his second solo studio album ( he's also released a live solo album ), featuring musicians from the UK band, Ten. We haven't heard it yet, but if the first one was anything to go by, then his new one must be a killer. Catley has the most unusually pleasant style and voice. Tony Clarkin has to be one of the most underrated guitarists and songwriters to come out of the UK.
Question: Hard Rain was formed by Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley. Name the famous British band that they both used to be in.
The prize, courtesy of CD Collection in Alberton City, Alberton as always, is a copy of Hard Rain's self titled debut album.

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Toy Dolls

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Hard Rain - 1999 - Perpetual Commotion - 4/5

Hard Rain - 2002 - When the Good Times Come - 2.5/5

Hard Rain - 2006 - Hard Rain - 4/5



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