Hard Meat - On the Road, from their second, and final album, "Through a Window", released in 1970. Why this UK trios' two albums haven't been released on CD yet is an absolute mystery. Hard Meat (no, their name wasn't taken from a porno movie, although they did do a great version of Graham Bond's "I want You"!), were formed in Cornwall in the late sixties by the Birmingham born Dolan brothers, Mick on guitars and vocals and Steve on bass and vocals, together with drummer Mick Carless. Before forming the band, they took on a summer residency as the Ebony Combo at Bude's Headland Pavilion. Changing their name to Hard Meat and adopting a somewhat harder, yet acoustic progressive feel, they were signed to Warner Brothers Records and released a brace of albums, ''Hard Meat" and our featured album, both in 1970. They also released a single, an arrangement of The Beatles' "Rain", before disbanding in 1971. Both albums really are very good - there are one or two covers by the aforementioned Graham Bond, as well as Ritchie Havens and Bob Dylan, but their self-penned stuff is of the highest quality. Steve Dolan later went on to feature with Pete Sinfield (King Crimson) in 1973 and brother Mick featured with vocalist/guitarist John Coppin in 1979. We were pleasantly surprised to see that both brothers also featured on Luther Grosvenor's (Spooky Tooth/Mott the Hoople - aka Ariel Bender) album "Floodgates" in 1996. Both were musically involved on the album, but Mick Dolan was also involved in production. Nice to see that they're still around. Would be really great if they could revive(!) Hard Meat. Now that Viagra's freely available, age shouldn't be a problem!

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Hard Meat - 1969 - Hard Meat - 3.5/5

Hard Meat - 1970 - Through a Window - 3.5/5



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