Gwyn Ashton is an Australian guitarist/vocalist in the Rory Gallagher/Dave Hole mould. Information about him isn't that easy to come by, so we won't be able to tell you too much about him other than the fact that he's very good. His band is made up of Geoff Brown on bass and Rick Tredrea on drums and backing vocals. This is basic blues/rock of the highest order and it's good to see that Ashton's albums are now being released on record labels outside his home country, which should make them easier to get hold of. He's recently released a new album - watch our new releases section for further details when we get a copy of it - it's bound to be very good. 

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Biography by Charlotte Dillon
Blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter Gwyn Ashton was born in Wales and raised in South Australia. At an early age he developed a love for blues and rock music that was fueled as a result of recordings by renowned artists like Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Rory Gallagher, Muddy Waters, and many others.

At the age of 11, Ashton picked up his first guitar and began the chore of learning to play the instrument. His natural talent didn't take long to show through. When he was a teenager, he teamed up with a couple of friends to form his first professional band. He stood in as frontman. The little group often managed to land jobs at local blues clubs and bars. After building a small fan base and landing some positive press, Ashton took his act on the road across Australia. He also spent time serving as a member with other groups now and then.

In 1993, Ashton finished recording his debut album, Feel the Heat. It took three long years before his sophomore full-length offering, Beg, Borrow and Steel, was released. By now he was touring and performing in countries worldwide, including finding a market in the United States for his slide guitar-filled blues-rock. Some of the musicians who have been part of his recording band along the way include drummers Brendan O'Neill, Rick Tredrea, and Michael Wiedrich; along with bassists Geoff Brown, Sambor Kansy, and Gerry McAvoy. 



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Gwyn Ashton - 1997 - Wanted Man - 4/5

Gwyn Ashton - 2000 - Fang It - 3.5/5

Gwyn Ashton - 2001 - Beg, Borrow and Steel - 3/5

Gwyn Ashton - 2001 - Feel the Heat - 3.5/5

Gwyn Ashton - 2006 - Prohibition - 3/5



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