Guitar Pete -  Another one of those "we don't know much about this chap either" situations here, unfortunately. What we can tell you is that Guitar Pete is Pete Brasino, who is a US blues/rock guitarist/vocalist. The other members of his traditional blues/rock trio are Anthony Bernardo on drums and Marc. B. Gilman on bass. Nothing particularly earth-shattering or memorable here, but just good, solid and catchy blues/rock. 7). Blindside Blues Band - Mystery Rider, from "Messenger of the Blues", their third album, released in 1995. This is more rock/blues as opposed to blues/rock, much in the same vein as blues-era Pat Travers. The band was formed in the early nineties by ex-Badlands members, drummer Jeff Martin and bassist Greg Chaisson, together with guitarists Mike Onesko and Scotty Johnson. They released their debut album, ''Blindside Blues Band", on Mike Varney's Blues Bureau International label in 1993. Their second album, "Blindsided", was released in 1994 and was much in the same vein as the debut. These are seasoned musicians, and this became very apparent with the release of this, our third album. By the time the band's 4th album, "To the Station", came around, Onesko was the only remaining original member. The rest of the "band" were Mike Varney on guitars, Aynsley Dunbar on drums, James Lomenzo on bass and Parris Bertolucci on keyboards. To all intents and purposes, it would appear that the album was essentially an Onesko solo album, with BBI in-house musicians doing the backing work. Having said that, it was one of the best albums under the Blindside name. 

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Biography by Evan Cater
Pete Brasino has been playing his rock & roll-flavored brand of blues ever since he was in high school. He began to teach himself to play guitar as a 16-year-old and within six months he had become so proficient with the instrument that his classmates dubbed him Guitar Pete — the nickname that would become his performing name. Another significant leftover from those early days is his playing style. Because he never had a guitar instructor, the left-handed musician never learned how to string the guitar the way a southpaw traditionally would. Instead, he plays upside down and backwards, holding the guitar lefty but using right-handed fingerings. Brasino's early heavy metal albums, released under the name Guitar Pete's Axe Attack, were not commercial successes, but they caught the attention of high-profile music industry professionals and eventually led to a 1994 recording deal for Brasino's band, Snakeyed Sue. The band's first record was produced by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiro, producers whose resumes included work with Blues Traveler, Guns N' Roses, and Aretha Franklin. Snakeyed Sue dissolved shortly after the album's release, but four years later, Guitar Pete returned with a solo effort Burning Bridges that provided a showcase for his powerhouse blues sound. 



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Guitar Pete - 1998 - Burning Bridges - 3/5



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