Green Bullfrog - Who do you love, a previously unreleased track, but appearing on the CD version of this very rare and excellent blues/rock album, originally released in 1971. Do the names Speedy, Sleepy, Bevy, Sorry, Boots, Pinta, The Boss, The Vicar and Jordan mean anything to you? Didn't think so! How's about Ian Paice and Ritchie Blackmore ( Deep Purple, but you knew that ), Tony Ashton ( Ashton, Gardner and Dyke), Chas Hodges and Albert Lee ( Heads, Hands and Feet), Big Jim Sullivan (Tom Jones), Matt Fisher ( Procol Harum), Rod Alexander (JoDo) and Earl Jordan ( Les Humphries Singers)? Thought so - well, for some of them, anyway! This was a fantastic "once-off" blues/rock project put together by Derek Lawrence, who produced Deep Purple's first two albums and who was also working with Wishbone Ash at the time. Legal constraints prohibited the various musicians from using their real names. The album was first released in 1971 in the US on Decca Records and later on in the UK on MCA Records in 1972. If you have a copy of the original MCA album, frame it and look after it - it's very sought after. It's also one of the best blues/rock albums to have ever been released. It was released on CD, with three extra tracks, including this stunning cover of the Elias McDaniels classic,( rivaled only by Juicy Lucy's and Tucky Buzzard's versions! ), in 1991.


Biography by Bruce Eder
Green Bullfrog were a group that only existed on paper, and scarcely officially in that medium, either, because of all the hairs that had to be split (and names unnamed) in existing contracts to get their record made. Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Ashton, Big Jim Sullivan, Albert Lee, Chas Hodges, Matthew Fisher, and Ian Paice are just some of the luminaries who showed up for the super session, which was recorded in the first half of 1970 and issued on LP in America in 1971, a year earlier than it was in Europe. With the identities of the bandmembers effectively hidden behind pseudonyms, it's not entirely surprising that the album never rose beyond cult status on either side of the Atlantic. The whole project was the brainchild of producer Derek Lawrence, who roped these former members of his stable into doing him the favor. 




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Green Bullfrog - 1972 - Green Bullfrog - 2.5/5



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