Grand Funk - We're an American Band, the title track of their 8th album, released in 1973. This was probably one of their best known tracks. They scored a number one hit with it in a few countries, and the album did quite well too. At this stage, keyboard player, Craig Frost, had joined our three friends, Mark Farner (guitars/vocals), Mel Schacher (bass) and Don Brewer (drums) as the fourth member of the band. Grand Funk were well known for their top 10 hits in the US, and they continued to grace the charts well into the mid seventies. They split after 1976's "Good Singing Good Playing" album, with Brewer, Frost and Schacher forming Flint (with guitarist Billy E lsworthy) in 1978. Mark Farner formed his own band and released two albums in 1977 and 1978. Grand Funk reformed in the early 80's and released two albums, "Grand Funk Lives" in 1981 and "What's Funk" two years later, before splitting again. Farner embarked on a solo career as a reborn Christian and released a number of albums under his own name. The classic Grand Funk line-up reformed in the late 90's and released the excellent "Bosnia" double live album.  

Grand Funk - Feelin' Alright, an excellent cover of the famous Traffic classic, taken off " Survival ", their fifth album, released in 1971and probably the best known album from this amazing US trio. Grand Funk, or Grand Funk Railroad, as they were also known, were formed in Michigan, USA, 1968 by vocalist/guitarist Mark Farner, bassist Mel Schacher and drummer Don Brewer. They were the first US heavy rock " power " trio to acquire massive fame, scoring with a number of chart topping singles and albums. As was the case with quite a few bands, the press had a field day slating them at every turn, but the punters loyally supported them nonetheless, ensuring that Grand Funk were one of the most popular live attractions in the US. Brewer and Schacher later formed " Flint ", with Farner embarking on a solo career when the band split in the mid seventies. They reformed in the early eighties, released a brace of albums and split again in 1983. Farner released a few Christian albums in the eighties and early nineties, with Grand Funk reforming again in the late nineties and releasing a stunning live album, complete with a full orchestra. This album confirmed the fact that they'd lost none of the magic and class that made them such a quality act in their heyday." Bosnia " is one of the best live albums ever recorded and is highly recommended.

Grand Funk
Grand Funk - I'm your Captain/Closer to home, taken off their stunning double live "Bosnia" album, released in 1997, essentially a "comeback" album from one of the greatest trios in rock history. Grand Funk are another band we've featured many times on the show and in these pages, and we regularly get many requests for more of their music. Just to briefly recap, they were formed by guitarist/vocalist Mark Farner, bassist Mel Schacher and drummer Don Brewer in Michigan in the US in 1969. They became massive concert favourites and released some really incredible music before splitting in the mid to late seventies, reforming in the early eighties for a few years and releasing two final albums before splitting again. Brewer and Schacher, together with keyboard player Craig Frost and guitarist Billy Elworthy, had released an album under the name of "Flint'' in 1979, while Farner became a reborn Christian and released a number of solo albums. They reformed yet again, this time in 1996, and the following year released this incredible double album, featuring a full-on orchestra. The message is simple, short and sweet: get this album - it's brilliant!

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