Graeme Edge Band - Human, from their second and final album, " Paradise Ballroom", released in 1977. When the Moody Blues were "put on ice" in the mid seventies, all of the members got involved in other projects. Drummer Graeme Edge got together with the Gurvitz brothers ( Paul, bass/vocals, and Adrian, guitars/keyboards/vocals ), both ex-Gun, Three Man Army and Baker Gurvitz Army with Ginger Baker. Their first album, " Kick off your muddy boots", released in 1975, did quite well, peaking at 107 on Billboard's Top 200. Edge rejoined the Moodies in 1977.

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Graeme Edge Band - 1975 - Kick off You Muddy Boots - 4/5

Graeme Edge Band - 1977 - Paradise Ballroom - 2/5



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