Gov't Mule - Gov't Mule must be one of the best bands to emerge from the US in the past twenty or so years. Guitarist/vocalist Warren Haynes and bassist Allen Woody, both from The Allman Brothers, and drummer Matt Abts, make up this absolutely awesome trio. Haynes' gruff, throaty voice suits this band perfectly, and his guitar playing is second to none. Abts and Woody are seriously competent musicians in their own right, and given the limitations that are inherent with a trio, this band have a distinctly powerful and beefy, full sound. To date, they've released five albums, ( watch the new releases section on the Dinosaur Days web page for a review of their brand new studio album, which has just recently been released ), including a stunning four CD collector's edition live box set. Their version of Sabbath's "War Pigs" has to be heard to be believed! Gov't Mule are apparently huge in the US, and quite rightly so. It's about time that they took off here in South Africa too - there are many people who would love their blues/rock style.Check them out now!

Gov't Mule 
Gov't Mule - Lay your burden down, from the band's 5th and latest album," Life Before Insanity", released earlier on this year. Basically a follow-on to last week's report about the tragic death last weekend of bassist Allen Woody. This is a tribute to one of the founder members of this exceptionally good US trio who were getting better and better with each subsequent new release. It's unknown at this stage if guitarist Warren Haynes and drummer Matt Abts will continue with the band. If you spot any Gov't Mule albums in your local store, give them a spin. If they don't move you, you're either brain dead or you've been listening to too many Mrs. Mills and Andrews Sisters albums. Allen Woody will be sorely missed. 

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Biography by John Bush
The leaders of Gov't Mule, Warren Haynes and Allen Woody, should be well known to Allman Brothers fans for their stint in Southern rock's most famous native sons. In 1989, Haynes became the second replacement for Duane Allman, providing a good foil for Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts on guitar and vocals; Woody filled out the Allman sound on bass. Five years after their debut, the duo joined drummer Matt Abts in the side project Gov't Mule, a band in which the Allman Brothers' influence is apparent but complicated with the psychedelic, bluesy power-trio feel of Cream.

Gov't Mule debuted in 1995 with a self-titled album on Capricorn Records, followed by the stellar concert date Live at Roseland Ballroom. The studio follow-up, Dose, appeared in early 1998; another concert set, Live...with a Little Help from Our Friends, followed a year later, with the complete show later appearing as a four-disc limited-edition set. A new studio effort, Life Before Insanity, appeared in early 2000. A vital member of the band was lost, however, on August 26, 2000, when Woody was found dead in a hotel room in New York City. The band had been preparing to record their next album, and after a time, Gov't Mule finally decided to carry on with the project, this time with guest bassists ranging from Flea to Bootsy Collins. The two-volume Deep End series for ATO Records resulted. Phish bassist Mike Gordon also got involved in the project, filming the recording of the albums for a planned documentary. In mid-September 2001, the group hit the road for a six-week tour in support of Deep End, Vol. 1; Oteil Burbridge filled in as bassist for most of the dates. The second volume of Live...with a Little Help from Our Friends appeared in 2002 and the Deepest End: Live in Concert CD and DVD in 2003. One year later saw the release of Déjà Voodoo, Gov't Mule's first studio effort since Woody's death. It featured his official replacement, bassist Andy Hess, as well as new keyboardist Danny Louis. The same lineup released High & Mighty in 2006. 


Warren Haynes
Matt Abts
Andy Hess
Allen Woody
Danny Louis

Led Zeppelin
Mother Superior

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Gov't Mule - 1995 - Gov't Mule - 3.5/5

Gov't Mule - 1996 - Live at Roseland Ballroom - 4/5

Gov't Mule - 1998 - Dose - 4/5

Gov't Mule - 1999 - Live...With a Little Help from Our Friends - 3/5

Gov't Mule - 2000 - Life Before Insanity - 4/5

Gov't Mule - 2001 - The Deep End, Vol. 1 - 4.5/5

Gov't Mule - 2002 - Live...With a Little Help from Our Friends, Vol. 2 - 4/5

Gov't Mule - 2002 - The Deep End, vol. 2 - 3/5

Gov't Mule - 2003 - The Deepest End, Live in Concert - 4.5/5

Gov't Mule - 2004 - Deja Voodoo - 4/5

Gov't Mule - 2006 - High & Mighty - 4/5



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