Gino Vannelli -  Canadian born Vannelli grew up in Montreal, Quebec. He was born into a musical family, where his father Russ had played in Bix Belair and Maynard Ferguson's bands. Vannelli learnt to play the drums as a child and s tudied music theory at McGill University. Whilst there, he formed a R 'n B band with his older brother Joe and his other brother Ross subsequently joining them. He recorded his first single, "Gina Bold", under the name of Vann Elli in 1970. It climbed to number 92 in May that year. He later signed to A & M Records and released his first album, "Crazy Life", in 1971. He had to wait three years before enjoying notable success with "Powerful People", in 1974. He went on to record a number of charting singles and albums, one of the best being our featured album, which saw him work with the likes of drummer Mark Craney, bassist Jimmy Haslip, sax player Ernie Watts, brother Joe on keyboards, Carlos Rios on guitar, Manuel Badrena on percussion, Victor Feldman on vibes and Ross Vannelli on background vocals. 

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Biography by John Bush
Gino Vannelli learned to play the drums early in life and studied music theory at McGill University. He formed an R&B band with two brothers, but later began recording solo material for RCA in 1970. He became popular four years later when A&M released his hit single "People Gotta Move," from the Powerful People album (re-titled People Gotta Move). Many albums followed, including Storm at Sunup (1975), Gist of Gemini (1976), A Pauper in Paradise (1977), Brother to Brother (1978), Nightwalker (1981), Black Cars (1985), Big Dreamers Never Sleep (1987), Inconsolable Man (1990) and Live in Montreal (1992). After a lengthy absence from the studio, Vannelli returned in 1995 with Yonder Tree; Slow Love followed three years later. After yet another legnthy absence from the recording studio, Gino recorded the ambitious Canto in 2003 and 2006's These Are The Days; which featured remastered recordings of some of his best known work along side seven new compositions. 



Ross Vannelli
The Bee Gees
Eric Carmen
Stephen Bishop
Kim Carnes

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Gino Vannelli - 1973 - Crazy Life - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1974 - Powerful People - 2.5/5

Gino Vannelli - 1975 - Storm at Sunup - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1976 - The Gist of the Gemini - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1977 - A Pauper in Paradise - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1978 - Brother to Brother - 4/5

Gino Vannelli - 1980 - Nightwalker - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1985 - Black Cars - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1987 - Big Dreamers Never Sleep - 2/5

Gino Vannelli - 1990 - Inconsolable Man - 2/5

Gino Vannelli - 1991 - Live in Montreal - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 1995 - Yonder Tree - 2/5

Gino Vannelli - 1998 - Slow Love - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 2003 - Canto - 3/5

Gino Vannelli - 2006 - These are the Days - 4/5



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