George Ross Watt & The Business - Home of the Wolf, the title track of "Big"George's, as he's also known, fourth album, released in 1998. We were first introduced to Big George and the Business way back in the late eighties in a specialist progressive rock CD store called Ohrwaschl Records in Munich, Germany. They were playing his debut album, "The Alleged Album", on the store's sound system, and it was awesome! Scottish singer/guitarist Watt is undoubtedly influenced by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, but he takes it a step further.He started learning the guitar in 1973, and, after playing in many up and coming bands in Scotland, he was hired by Jimmy Dewar, vocalist and bassist for Robin Trower's band. He remained with Dewar before ill health forced Dewar to quit the music business. George then set out looking for musicians to start his own band. He has the most unusual voice and he has the most incredible guitar style and feel, and when you combine these talents with a really good backing band in the form of Tam McLucas on bass and Greg Orr on drums, you have some serious blues/rock magic in the making! "The Alleged Album" was brilliant - it featured a stunning mix of hard rockers and emotional bluesy ballads, with some really tasteful playing from Big George ( he really is quite big in the height department, by the way!). A second album, "All Fool's Day", was released in their early nineties and featured George showing off his writing skills by incorporating pianos, saxes, fiddles and female vocals into his music. A new bassist, Shifty, replaced Tam McLucas, although it's possible that McLucas and Shifty are one and the same person. A moderately well received "Live in London" album, recorded on February 5th, 1993, was released a few years later, as was a video of , we presume, the same concert. Big George in the flesh was everything you'd expect to see and hear from this talented guitarist! Ozit Records released a compilation album called "The Legend so Far..." in the late nineties, and it featured tracks from both "Home of the Wolf" and "All Fool's Day", in addition to some new material, although, oddly enough, not one track from ''The Alleged Album'' is featured. Big George and his band deserve to be recognized and appreciated by more people. He can rock with the best, and his blues is oh so tasteful.


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