More than I am, taken off their sole, self-titled album, released in 1971. Fuzzy Duck were one of the many early UK progressive acts that showed tremendous potential but sadly didn't go very far. The band was formed in North London in 1970 by ex-Five Day Straw People and Andromeda bassist, Mick Hawksworth, guitarist Grahame White, ex-Tucky Buzzard drummer Paul Francis and ex-Spice and Arthur Brown keyboard player Roy Sharland. They signed to Decca subsidiary MAM Records and recorded this album that year (only 500 copies were pressed, which explains why it's fairly collectible today). White left to join Capability Brown just before the album was released and was replaced by Garth Watt-Roy, who featured on one or two subsequent singles before the band split in late 1971. Musically, the album is in the heavy progressive genre, with some good organ dominated instrumental passages. Garth Watt-Roy later teamed up with his brother Norman in The Greatest Show on Earth, while Mick Hawksworth later worked with the likes of Alvin Lee. Paul Francis worked with ex-Sharks and Nucleus guitarist Chris Spedding, and also featured on Tranquility's self-titled debut and "Silver" albums in 1972.( Now when are THAT great band's albums going to be released on CD?).

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Fuzzy Duck - 1971 - Fuzzy Duck - 4/5



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