Fusion Orchestra - Talk to the man in the sky, taken off their first and, sadly, only album, " Skeleton in Armour ", in 1973. Formed in the early seventies, Fusion Orchestra were an unfortunately short-lived progressive jazz/rock outfit of immense potential. Joining the exceptionally talented Jill Saward on vocals, keyboards, flute, guitar and synthesizer, were guitarists Stan Land and Colin Dawson, bassist Dave Cowell and drummer Dave Bell. This is one of the finest bands to have ever come out of the UK, and their sole album release is an absolute masterpiece of sophisticated compositions with stunning female vocals and superb musicianship. When the band split, the members would fade into obscurity, with only Saward surfacing a number of years later as a backing singer in UK pop/jazz outfit Shakatak. She went on to become a fully fledged member of the band, playing keyboards and flute, and, of course, singing, much the same as she did when she was a member of Fusion Orchestra.


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Fusion Orchestra - 1973 - Skeleton in Armour - 3.5/5



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