Fuse - Permanent Resident, taken off "Fuse", their debut, sel-titled, and, sadly, only album, released in 1972. Not much info available on this very promising US hard rock outfit unfortunately. They were essentially a band put together by high school mates Rick Nielsen (guitar/keyboards) and Tom Peterson (bass), both of whom would go on to form Cheap Trick. The other members of this young band were Joe Sundberg on vocals, Craig Myers on guitar and Chip Greenman on drums. Astounding musicianship and songwriting were the hallmarks of this hard rocking quintet, with excellent vocals from the 17 year old Sundberg, who's age belied his talent. The average age of the guys in this band was 18, by the way. Pity they didn't go further 

Biography by Richie Unterberger
Fuse made a little-known album for Epic at the end of the '60s, and is chiefly remembered for including two future members of Cheap Trick: Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson. The album is an average, perhaps somewhat below average, late-'60s hard rock recording. It looks forward to some facets of '70s metal and art rock in its overwrought vocals, tandem hard rock guitar riffs, and classical-influenced keyboards. It was reissued, with two bonus tracks from a single, by Rewind in 2001.

Fuse was originally the Grim Reapers, and aroused interest from Epic after they were seen supporting Terry Reid in Chicago in mid-1968. Changing their name to Fuse, they recorded a self-titled album in late 1968 under the unlikely auspices of producer Jackie Mills, who later produced The Brady Bunch. The album did virtually nothing, and although they did have enough material for a second album, they would not release another LP prior to their breakup in 1970.




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