Frijid Pink - Hailing from the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan in the US, the home of The Amboy Dukes and MC5 amongst others, Frijid Pink were formed in 1967. They had a massive hit with their version of the Animals' classic number. It reached number seven in the US and number four in the UK. Their other hits paled in comparison, being confined to the lower regions of the US charts. They went on to release a total of five albums before splitting in the early seventies, with drummer Rick Stevens the only remaining original member at that stage. Their first few albums, although not particularly memorable, certainly had their moments and are worth checking out ( Repertoire Records released them on CD a number of years back ).

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Biography by Jason Ankeny

Detroit hard rockers Frijid Pink formed in 1967, originally comprised of singer Kelly Green, guitarist Gary Ray Thompson, bassist Tom Harris, keyboardist Larry Zelanka and drummer Richard Stevers. After two years of relentless touring throughout the southeast Michigan area, the group — substituting Harris for new bassist Thomas Beaudry — signed with the Parrot label in 1969; although their first two singles, "Tell Me Why" and "Drivin' Blues," failed to attract much attention, their third effort for the company — a distorted, guitar-heavy interpretation of "The House of the Rising Sun" — reached the Top Ten on the U.S. pop charts, becoming an even bigger hit overseas. Frijid Pink's self-titled debut LP followed in 1970, as did the follow-up Defrosted; subsequent singles including "Sing a Song for Freedom" and "Heartbreak Hotel," however, failed to match earlier successes, and after 1972's Earth Omen the group did not re-enter the studio until recording 1975's All Pink Inside, disbanding soon after. 


Tom Beaudry
Kelly Green
Rich Stevers
Gary Thompson
Thomas Earl Harris

The Stooges
New Faces

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Frijid Pink - 1970 - Defrosted - 2.5/5

Frijid Pink - 1970 - Frijid Pink - 4/5

Frijid Pink - 1973 - Earth Omen - 3/5

Frijid Pink - 1975 - All Pink Inside - 2/5



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