The kid came from Hazareth, from " Astra ", in 1970, which, according to Garth Chilvers and Tom Jasiukowicz's "History of Contemporary Music in South Africa ", published in 1994, is ".....the finest rock album produced in South Africa...". This was their second album, and it featured Ramsay Mackay on bass and vocals, Julian Laxton on guitar, Nico Martens on organ, Brian Davidson on vocals, Colin Pratley on drums and Gerard Nel on keyboards. Formed in 1966, the band split in the early seventies, having recorded three albums.

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Freedom's Children - 1968 - Battle Hymn of the Broken Hearted Horde - 3.5/5

Freedom's Children - 1970 - Astra - 4/5

Freedom's Children - 1971 - Galactic Vibes - 3.5/5

Freedom's Children - 1990 - A New Day - 4/5



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