Frank Marino - . "From the Hip"? Oh, sorry, almost forgot - got so excited and carried away at the prospect of a new album, (I mean, it's only been ten or so years since the last one, Frank. Don't overdo it or strain yourself! ), that I forgot to tell you that "From the Hip" featured brother Vince on rhythm guitar, drummer Timm Biery and bassist Peter Dowse. All tracks were published by Par Excellence Music, which is probably the best description of this legendary guitarist's music and style.


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Biography by Gary Hill
Frank Marino was born in Canada in 1954. He began playing guitar at the age of 13 after having played drums for three years. Very soon after changing instruments, Marino had formed his band Mahogany Rush. By 1971, three years later, the group had developed quite a following. At the age of 17, his first album, MAXOOM, was released and the group quickly started generating a larger and larger following and more albums. In all, by the year 2001, Marino had released 11 albums with Mahogany Rush. He also did two solo albums, 1986's Full Circle, and From the Hip, which came out in 1991. Adding to his credits are also appearances on recordings by April Wine and Brian Lee. 




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Frank Marino - 1979 - Tales of the Unexpected - 3/5

Frank Marino - 1981 - Power of Rock 'n' Roll - 3.5/5

Frank Marino - 1982 - Juggernaut - 4/5

Frank Marino - 1986 - Full Circle - 3.5/5

Frank Marino - 1988 - Double Live - 3.5/5

Frank Marino - 1993 - From the Hip - 3/5

Frank Marino - 1998 - World Anthem - 2.5/5

Frank Marino - 2001 - Eye of the Storm - 4/5

Frank Marino - 2001 - Live - 4/5

Frank Marino - 2004 - Real Live - 4/5



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