Fourth Estate - Our fifth featured guitarist in our mini " night of the guitars " is Dave Beegle, another chap who'se featured in these pages recently. Beegle put this great band together with drummer Dave Spurr and bassist Fred Babich in the early nineties, and they released their first album in 1992. Beegle is an accomplished guitarist, having appeared with a number of artists, as well as having a couple of solo projects to his name. Fourth Estate have a third album, an awesome live album, available as well. Once again, many thanks to Phil and Andy of C & D Compact Disc Services in Dundee, U.K. for introducing us to artists and bands of the calibre of Kollman, Beegle and Fourth Estate.

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Biography by Bradley Torreano
Fourth Estate formed in 1987 but didn't release their debut until 1992 when Finesse & Fury was released. Dustbuster Demos followed six years later, consisting of recordings from 1987 on. The original See What I See was the next release, appearing the same year on the same label. 


Dave Beegle
Fred Babich
Jim Iltis

Jupiters Thigh
Crypto Star
Lalla Rookh

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Fourth Estate - 1992 - Finesse & Fury - 3/5

Fourth Estate - 1998 - Dustbuster Demos - 2.5/5

Fourth Estate - 1998 - See What I See - 3/5



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