Not to be confused with the British metal act of the same name, this hard rock outfit were formed in Canada in 1978 by guitarist/vocalist Ron Chenier. ( In fact, their albums were released under the name of "Myofist" in the UK to prevent any confusion). After a few false starts, the line-up eventually stabilized with Chenier, bassist Bob Moffat, drummer Bob Patterson and keyboard player Laurie Curry, and this line-up established a good live reputation. By the time their debut album, "Round One", was released in 1979, the line-up had changed again to feature Chenier, his brother John on drums and lead vocals, Ed Eagan on keyboards and Jeff Nystrom on bass and vocals. They were no doubt influenced by the more popular hard rock outfits of the day, notably Rush and Triumph, and this came through in their music. The follow-up album, "Hot Spikes", released 1980, in was a vast improvement on the debut, and featured the same line-up as that on the debut album. This third album saw Bob Patterson return behind the drumkit and Ivan Tessier take over the keyboards, and this was arguably their best album, although the following album, 1983's "In the Red" also had some tremendous moments.( This album featured ex-Ted Nugent and If drummer/vocalist Cliff Davies as well as new lead vocalist Dave McDonald, who had a better range than Chenier). Further changes saw Curry and Moffat return to the fold for the excellent "Danger Zone" album in 1985, but it appeared that that was the end of Fist, for the next eight or so years at least, when they returned with a good, solid hard rocking album called "Reign of Terror".Chenier and Curry were there, joined by new members Andre Gauthier on drums and Michael Fenton on bass. The last recording we know of from this great band is 1995's "Loud, Loud, Loud", featuring, yes, believe it or not, two new members, bassist Lynn Wells and drummer Gary Thomas, together with perenial stalwarts Chenier and Curry! Their albums aren't easy to find, but they certainly are worth looking for.
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Fist - 1979 - Round One - 3/5

Fist - 1980 - Hot Spikes - 3/5

Fist - 1981 - Fleet Street - 3.5/5

Fist - 1983 - In the Red - 3/5

Fist - 1985 - Danger Zone - 3/5

Fist - 1993 - Reign of Terror - 3/5

Fist - 1995 - Loud Loud Loud - 3.5/5

Fist - 2006 - Bolted Door - 4/5



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