Fish - Fish, (real name Derek William Dick), is best known for his work with UK progressive rockers, Marillion. He left the band on rather acrimonious terms in 1988 and took a break before preparing to release his debut solo album, "Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors", which came out in 1990, and featured musicians such as John Giblin, from Brand X, on bass, Mickey Simmonds from Camel on keyboards, guitarists Frank Usher and Hal Lindes and drummer Mark Brzezicki. The album was received with mixed feelings by Marillion fans, as Fish had dropped his progressive rock roots and adopted a more direct approach, similar in style to Peter Gabriel. Needless to say, his solo career took off quite well, and the albums started flowing. One thing you can never dispute about Fish: he certainly is an exceptionally good songwriter and vocalist, and these two compilations are testimony to that fact. He's released in excess of ten albums, his most recent being 1999's "Raingods with Zippos".


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Biography by John Bush
Born April 25, 1958, in Edinburgh, Scotland, Derek William Dick (aka Fish) was the dramatic lead vocalist for prog rock band Marillion until beginning a solo career in 1988. Marillion was initially formed as an instrumental band in 1979 by guitarist Steve Rothery (b. November 25, 1959; Brampton, England), drummer Mick Pointer, bassist Doug Irvine, and keyboard player Brian Jelliman. Irvine began singing in 1980 on the group's first demos, but a year later Marillion invited Fish to join as vocalist, and he assumed the frontman position beginning with their 1983 debut album, Script for a Jester's Tear. His strong Peter Gabriel-inspired vocals enforced critics' accusations that Marillion owed more than just a heavy debt to Genesis, but six more albums followed. Musical difficulties between Fish and the band caused him to leave after 1988's Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra). He was replaced by Steve Hogarth (b. May 14, 1956; Kendal, England), a vocalist quite similar in sound and style to Fish himself.

In 1989, Fish worked with Peter Hammill on Hammill's Fall of the House of Usher project, but was then replaced by Andy Bell. His debut solo album, Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors, appeared one year later and continued the theatrical flair of Marillion's quasi-concept albums. After 1991's Internal Exile and the 1993 covers album Songs from the Mirror, he moved from EMI to Dick Bros. The Acoustic Session CD appeared in 1994, and one year later Fish released a double album (released separately), Yin and Yang. Sunsets on Empire was issued in 1997, followed by the well-received Raingods With Zippos on Chocolate Frog Records in 1999. During the new millennium Fish has continued releasing CDs on the Chocolate Frog label, including 2002's Fellini Days, 2003's Sashimi double-CD set recorded live in Poland, and 2004's Field of Crows. 



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Fish - 1989 - Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors - 4/5

Fish - 1991 - Internal Exile - 3/5

Fish - 1994 - Acoustic Session - 3.5/5

Fish - 1994 - Suits - 2/5

Fish - 1994 - Uncle Fish & the Crypt Creepers, Dusseldorf Philipshalle 7.12.91 - 2/5

Fish - 1995 - Songs from the Mirror - 3/5

Fish - 1997 - Sunsets on Empire - 3/5

Fish - 1999 - Raingods with Zippos - 4/5

Fish - 2001 - Acoustics - 4/5

Fish - 2002 - Fellini Days - 3/5

Fish - 2003 - Sashimi, Live in Poznan, Poland 1999 - 3.5/5

Fish - 2004 - Field of Crows - 4/5

Fish - 2006 - Return to Childhood - 3.5/5




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