Fantasy - Beyond the Beyond, the title track of their second and final official album, released in 1972. Fantasy were originally formed in 1971 as "Chapel Farm", named after the farm in Kent, England, where they used to rehearse. Their debut gig as Chapel Farm was with The Edgar Broughton band and The Pink Fairies. The show went down extremely well, except that the council came and switched off the electricity! Undeterred, the band played an acoustic set, aided by members of the audience who had moved their cars in front of the stage and switched on their lights! Chapel Farm changed their name to "Firequeen", but that didn't stick, so they finally changed it to "Fantasy", for their debut album, "Paint a Picture", released in 1973. A third album of earlier material, "Vivariatum", was released on CD in 1994. Fantasy were one of England's best progressive folk bands.

Biography by Geoff Orens
The British band Fantasy released two albums in the early '70s of predominantly pastoral progressive rock. Originally called FireQueen, the group was comprised of Paul Lawrence (vocals, guitar), David Metcalfe (keyboards), and Dave Read (bass). Their first album was Paint a Picture (1973), a mellow and imaginative collection of song-based material that featured a heavy use of acoustic guitars, Hammond organs, and pianos. In 1974, the band recorded Beyond the Beyond, which was not released until 1992. The album saw the group expanding their sound into more quintessential progressive material while remaining true to the pastoral sound of their debut. 



Beggars Opera
Mellow Candle

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Fantasy - 1973 - Paint a Picture - 4/5

Fantasy - 1992 - Beyond the Beyond - 3.5/5

Fantasy - 1994 - Vivariatum (Recorded in the Seventies) - 2.5/5



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