Epidaurus - Andas, taken off their debut album, "Earthly Paradise", released in 1977. Epidaurus were a mid seventies German progressive outfit formed around 1976, and featured two keyboard players, Gunther Henne and Gerd Linke, with vocalist Christiane Wand, bassist Heinz Kunert and drummers Manfred Struck and Volker Oehmig. This first album showed that they were firmly rooted in the early 70's progressive style of Yes, Pink Floyd and fellow German rockers, Eloy. This debut album, which is a minor collectable classic, with original vinyl copies fetching upwards of 250 Pounds, was released on CD in 1992. The band split in the late seventies, later emerging under the name of "Choice". They released an album, "Just a Dream" under the name of Choice in 1980, but this was poorly received and they split shortly afterwards. The various members went on to other German bands such as Rabbit, Meme 3 and Lander before they decided to get back together as Epidaurus in the early nineties. A second album, "Endangered", featuring songs from 1978 rerecorded in the nineties, was released in October/November 1994. This album, although carrying on in a similar vein to the debut, wasn't particularly well received either and the band split in 1995.

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Manfred Struck
Christiane Wand
Heinz Kunert
Volker Oehmig
Gunther Henne
Gerd Linke


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Epidaurus - 1977 - Earthly Paradise - 3.5/5

Epidaurus - 1994 - Endagered - 3/5



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