Eleventh House - The Funky Waltz, from "The Eleventh House", their self-titled debut album, released in 1974. The Eleventh House was a fantastic fusion/rock outfit put together by guitarist Larry Coryell and drummer Alphonse Mouzon in 1974. The band also featured Randy Brecker on trumpet, Mike Mandel on keyboards and Danny Trifan on bass. Larry Coryell has always been acclaimed and acknowledged as one of jazz's finest guitarists, having recorded many solo albums. Randy Brecker (and his sax playing brother Michael) had been in Dreams with drummer Billy Cobham in the early seventies (by the way, you'd need a book ten pages long if you wanted to document all the artists The Brecker Brothers have featured with over they ears!). Anyway, back to The Eleventh House: this was when fusion/rock was making big inroads in the ears of the jazz loving public, no doubt aided by the releasing of Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew", arguably the album that "started it all", in 1970. Coryell and co managed to fuse jazz, rock and funk very well with this band, to the point that Mouzon would continue the trend with his solo material later on. A second Eleventh House album, "Level One", with Michael Lawrence replacing Brecker on trumpet and John Lee replacing Trifan on bass, was released the following year. Equally as good, if not more refined than the debut, this album also featured guitarist Steve Khan on 12 string guitar. A final album, "Aspects", and featuring Gerry Brown on drums (Mouzon was now fully ensconced in his solo thing) and Teramasa Hino on trumpet, came out in 1976, but the band split that same year. Coryell and Mouzon would later record an album called "Back Together Again" in 1977. All three Eleventh House albums are excellent examples of seventies fusion/rock music and can quite easily stand proudly next to anything released by Alphonse Mouzon (solo albums), The Brecker Brothers, Al di Meola, Billy Cobham or anyone else you care to name from that era.

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Biography by Michael G. Nastos
Early jazz-fusion rock. Guitarist Larry Coryell's pioneering fusion band of the early to mid 70s. Hard-edged sound — penetrating and loud. A great vehicle for Coryell. First three albums show most potential. Includes drummer Alphonse Mouzon, keyboardist Mike Mandel. 



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Eleventh House - 1975 - Level One - 3.5/5

Eleventh House - 1976 - Aspects - 4/5

Eleventh House - 2002 - Introducing Eleventh House Featuring Larry Coryell - 3.5/5



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