Edgar Broughton Band - The band were formed in Warwick, England in 1969 by the Broughton brothers, Edgar on guitars and vocals and Steve on drums and vocals. Arthur Grant was the third member, on guitar, bass and vocals. Their anarchic and revolutionary attitude won them many fans, sort of England's answer to the Grateful Dead, although , unlike the Dead, it was widely felt that they couldn't reproduce on vinyl what they could on stage. They released eight albums and disbanded in the late seventies.
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Creepy John Thomas


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Edgar Broughton Band - 1969 - Wasa Wasa - 4/5

Edgar Broughton Band - 1970 - Sing Brother Sing - 3.5/5

Edgar Broughton Band - 1971 - Edgar Broughton Band - 3.5/5

Edgar Broughton Band - 1972 - In Side Out - 3.5/5

Edgar Broughton Band - 1973 - Oora - 3.5/5

Edgar Broughton Band - 1975 - Bandages - 4/5

Edgar Broughton Band - 2000 - Demons at the Beeb - 2.5/5



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