If you were around Johannesburg in the early/mid seventies and you used to frequent venues such as The Branch Office in Jeppe Street, y ou'll remember keyboard player Duncan Mackay and his great band, Tricycle, who used to pull in music starved masses in their droves to this popular venue. The band featured Mackay's brother, Gordon, on violin, percussion and vocals and Mike Gray on drums, with Anton van Rooyen helping out on bass on the odd occasion, although the band was essentially a trio, with Duncan Mackay playing keyboard bass. This first solo album, recorded in Johannesburg and released on Vertigo Records, featured both Mackay brothers and Gray on drums. The recording was a bit flat, but musically it was an excellent album, with Duncan Mackay p roving the fact that he could comfortably rival any of the better know keyboard players doing the rounds anywhere in the world at the time. He later relocated to the UK where he recorded his next album, "Score", with seasoned players Simon Phillips and Andy McCulloch (drums) and bassists John Wetton and Alan Jones. (In fact, our featured track was re-done on "Score" and renamed as the title track). Mackay recorded a few more solo albums, but he's probably best known for his work with the likes of Kate Bush, Cockney Rebel, Budgie, The Alan Parsons Project and 10CC. He currently lives in Cape Town and is still involved in the music scene. 

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Duncan Mackay - 1974 - Chimera - 4/5

Duncan Mackay - 1977 - Score - 4/5

Duncan Mackay - 1980 - Visa - 2.5/5



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