Dillinger - People, from their self-titled debut album, released in 1972. Dillinger were a little known but extremely competent progressive/hard rock outfit from Toronto, Canada. Formed in the early 70's, the initial members were Rob Harrison on drums and vocals, Terry Bramhall on bass, Jacques Harrison on flute/sax/keyboards and vocals and Paul Cockburn on guitars. The inclusion of Harrison's flute gave the band really interesting slant to their brand of hard rock, evoking memories of Jethro Tull at their best. A second album, "Don't lie to the Band", featuring the same line-up, was recorded between 1975 and 1976 and is also available on CD. In keeping with most Canadian bands, as we've mentioned many times in the past, Dillinger were a top notch act. 

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Dillinger - 1976 - Don't Lie to the Band - 3/5

Dillinger - 1998 - Dillinger - 4/5



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