Darryl Way's Wolf - We're watching you, taken off their third and final album, " Night Music", released in 1974. Wolf was the brainchild of violinist/keyboard player, Darryl Way, who'd previously been in Curved Air. He formed this stunning classically influenced English Progressive outfit in the early seventies with guitarist John Etheridge, American bassist/vocalist Dek Messecar and Walrus drummer Ian Mosley, and they released their first album," Canis Lipus", which was produced by King Crimson's Ian McDonald, in 1973. Their music was firmly rooted in melodic structure, even at their most violent, with solos that weren't ever allowed to over-reach themselves. A second, equally good album, " Saturation Point", was released towards the end of 1973, with the same line-up and Wolf seemed to be well and truly on their way to bigger things. For this final album, our four quality musical friends were joined by If vocalist John (J.W.) Hodkinson. This was probably their best and most accessible album to date and featured the band at their best musically, with some sterling solo work, especially from Etheridge, who is recognized as one of the UK's finest guitarists. He would later surface in the extremely underrated and musically excellent Second Vision ( when on earth is THAT going to be released on CD? ) and Soft Machine. Darryl Way, one of the world's finest exponents of the electric violin, would go on record a number of solo albums, as well as appearing with the likes of Jayne County and the Electric Chairs, Marianne Faithfull, Gong, Jethro Tull, Sonja Kristina and Trace. Dek Messecar later appeared with Caravan and Ian Mosley worked with Gordon Giltrap, Trace and Steve Hackett before finding fame with Marillion, who he joined in 1984, a band he's remained with to this day.

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Darryl Way's Wolf - 1973 - Canis Lupus (Wolf) - 3.5/5

Darryl Way's Wolf - 1973 - Saturation Point - 3.5/5

Darryl Way's Wolf - 1974 - Night Music - 3.5/5



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