Culpeper's Orchard are another one of those "information's nigh impossible to find" Swedish bands of the early seventies. What we can share with you, though, is that they were, and is a sort of ingrown and almost expected trait of Swedish bands, excellent, demonstrating a high level of musicianship and songwriting, merging folk, jazz, psychedelic blues and rock. They released, as far as we know, three albums. T heir second album, "Second Coming", released in 1972, had some very pleasant acoustic and slide guitar bits. According to Terry Hounsome's Rock Record 6 book, a third album, "All dressed up and No-one to blow" - er, sorry, that was Linda Lovelace's motto - "All dressed up and nowhere to go", was released in 1977, but we haven't seen nor heard this album. Classy stuff from a band that showed serious promise.
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Culpeper's Orchard - 1971 - Culpeper's Orchard - 3.5/5

Culpeper's Orchard - 1972 - Going for a Song - 1972 - 3.5/5

Culpeper's Orchard - 1972 - Second Sight - 3.5/5



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