Cry of Love - What a breath of fresh air Cry of Love were when they were unleashed on a hard rock/ blues rock audience that appeared to be getting a bit tired of all the "me too" stuff being dished out during the early nineties. They were in a way the US's version of the now sadly dissolved Thunder, one of England's greatest ever bands. Formed by guitarist Audley Freed and taking their name from the Jimi Hendrix album, they signed to Columbia Records and had a fairly successful hit with "Peace Pipe", from "Brother", although there are at least five or six tracks on the album that were possible hit material. Obviously influenced by Free and Bad Company, they had the uncanny ability to write the most amazingly catchy, yet uncommercial, songs, which left you pulling your hair out in frustration because they seemed to end so soon. This is a fantastic album, from beginning to end, and was a worthy addition to our top three albums of that year ( Leon rated it number 1). Cry of Love did a " Boston/Frank Marino", in that it took them nearly four years to record their second album, which was equally as good, albeit this time without original vocalist Kelly Holland. Freed has subsequently appeared with the Black Crowes and bassist Rob Kearns joined The Bottle Rockets, another great band.

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Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
After a couple years of slogging it out down in the South, Cry of Love released their debut album, Brother, in 1993. Cry of Love was not cut from the same cloth as most of the '90's hard rock bands. Instead of sludgy Sabbath steals, punk rips, or grunge, the band faithfully recreated the classic hard rock sounds of the '70s. From Bad Company to Lynyrd Skynyrd, all of the staples of classic rock could be heard in their music; guitarist Audley Freed wrote riffs that seemed like lost album tracks from 1975. And AOR fans paid tribute — they made "Peace Pipe" and "Bad Thing" major radio hits. 



Collective Soul
Brother Cane

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Cry of Love - 1992 - Brother - 4/5

Cry of Love - 1997 - Diamonds & Debris - 2/5



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