Cozy Powell - Born Colin Powell on 29 December 1947, drummer Cozy Powell was recognized and respected as one of the finest rock drummers in the world. He began his musical career in the mid sixties with The Sorcerers, who later became known as Youngblood and then Ace Kefford Stand. He then moved on to Big Bertha and also appeared on two of the Jeff Beck Group albums in 1971 and 1972 before forming Bedlam with vocalist Danny Aiello, guitarist Dave Ball and bassist Dennis Ball. The resulting self-titled sole album from the band was one of the finest blues/hard rock albums ever released (see our write-up on this great band elsewhere in these pages). Bedlam unfortunately only lasted for one official studio album (although live material was recorded and was featured on the Bedlam Anthology double CD which was released on Zoom Club Records a few years ago). In the meantime, Powell was attracting attention with many other famous names and bands and later had stints with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, MSG, Gary Moore, Emerson, Lake and Powell and a host of others. He also released four solo albums. Our featured track, which demonstrates just how good a drummer he was, was dedicated to him - he was tragically killed in a car crash on 5 April 1998. A terrible loss to music in general. 

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Biography by Steven McDonald
Considered to be one of England's best drummers, and very much in demand for rock and pop records, Cozy Powell was almost legendary for a heavy-hitting style that could be made to work with many kinds of rock music, whether for the thundering pop productions helmed by Mickie Most, Black Sabbath, Emerson, Lake & Powell, or even his own solo work (notably "Dance with the Devil," which was a major English hit in 1973.)

Powell began his professional music career in 1965 with the Sorcerers, eventually winding up working with Jeff Beck after Beck left the Yardbirds. In 1971, Powell formed Bedlam, but eventually abandoned this project to produce singles such as "Dance with the Devil." He later formed Cozy Powell's Hammer, which broke up in 1975. After a brief sabbatical, he joined Rainbow, helping to give the band a thundering rhythm section before quitting after four years and four albums in 1980. Always in demand for the drum seat, he alternated between session work and working in a variety of bands, including the Michael Schenker Group, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath, never staying in any one band for very long.

In 1996, he worked with former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green on his long-awaited comeback tour. At the time of his death on April 5, 1998, he was recuperating from a foot injury that had sidelined him from touring work with guitarist Yngvie Malmsteen. He was driving on the M4 Motorway towards Bristol when he apparently lost control of his car (due to bad weather), slamming into the center divider of the motorway. He died a few hours later in the hospital. 



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Cozy Powell - 1979 - Over The Top - 3.5/5

Cozy Powell - 1981 - Tilt - 3/5

Cozy Powell - 1983 - Octopuss - 2/5

Cozy Powell - 1992 - The Drums Are Back - 4/5

Cozy Powell - 1998 - Bedlam - 4/5

Cozy Powell - 1998 - Twin Oaks - 4/5

Cozy Powell - 2002 - Cozy Powell's Big Bertha - 4/5



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