Cosmosquad - A few weeks ago, we featured guitarist Jeff Kollman's new solo album, " Shedding Skin " ( refer write-up in the Dinosaur Days edition of that week ). This man is definitely one of the unsung guitar heroes of the nineties. He is one of the most stylish and talented guitarists we've heard in a long time, equally at home playing fusion, blues or rock ( with the likes of Mogg/Way ). Since then, we've had numerous requests to play more of his music. We've also waxed lyrical about two other astounding musicians who've appeared with the likes of Michael Schenker, no less, amongst others. Both bassist Barry Sparks and drummer Shane Gaalaas are extremely good at what they do, and they join Kollman in Cosmosquad, recording one of the finest, most diverse guitar albums we've ever heard. It's not easy to get this album in this country ( no - really?!! ), but if you do spot it, sell your bod, take the bottles back, do what you have to, but get this album! Kollman has a number of solo albums out, in addition to appearing with his own progressive hard rock group, " Edwin Dare".

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Cosmosquad - 1997 - Cosmosquad - 3.5/5

Cosmosquad - 2002 - Live at the Baked Potato - 4/5

Cosmosquad - 2004 - Squadrophenia - 3.5/5



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