Cobra - Blood on your money, from their first and, sadly, only album, "First Strike ", released in 1983. We're talking epic stuff here, guys. This is one of those rare albums that doesn't have a single weak track, much like RPM's debut album. Vocalist Jimi Jamison had been Target and guitarist Jack Holder had featured with Black Oak Arkansas. This was classy American AOR and Hard Rock through and through. Jamison's voice has always been good, and he adds an element of class to every band he sings in: Cobra was no exception. When they split in 1983, Jamison went to Survivor, drummer Jeff Klaven went to Krokus and guitarist Mandy Meyer went to Asia. Essential listening!

Cobra - Fallen Angel, from their first, and sadly, only album, "First Strike", released in 1983. Once in a while you'll come across a band and/or an album that just has everything going for it. You'll find that there's not one weak track, the production and songwriting is flawless and the musicianship is excellent. Cobra was such a band and "First Strike" was such an album. The band featured members who's names had previously been and would later crop up in better known acts such as Asia, Black Oak Arkansas, Krokus, Target, Survivor and Jonny Lang. The band members were Mandy Meyer and Jack Holder were on guitars, Jimi Jamison on vocals, Jeff Klaven on drums and Tommy Keiser on bass. If you ever spot this album in a CD store, don't even listen to it first - just buy it - it's a classic and it will no doubt go down as one of the best AOR albums to ever come out of the US. It's just a great pity that they split after it was released. Talk about a wasted and much underrated outfit!  

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Cobra - 1983 - First Strike - 3.5/5



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