CJ & Co - Devil's Gun, the title track from their debut, self-titled album, released in 1977. A massive disco hit all over the world, featuring backing from The Mike Theodore Orchestra. They released two albums.  


Biography by Alex Henderson
Best known for its number two R&B hit "The Devil's Gun," C.J. & Co. was a short-lived vocal group that combined disco with Detroit soul. The quintet was assembled in the Motor City by guitarist Dennis Coffey, who was among Detroit's busiest R&B session players of the 1960s and 1970s. Coffey formed C.J. & Co. in 1977, uniting three male singers (Cornelius Brown Jr., Curtis Durden, and Charles Clark) with two female singers (Joni Tolbert and Connie Durden). That year, C.J. & Co. signed with Westbound and recorded their debut album, which was also titled The Devil's Gun and was produced by Coffey and Mike Theodore. With the title song having been a smash, Westbound released "We Got Our Own Thing" as a follow-up single. But that single didn't fare nearly as well as "The Devil's Gun," and C.J. & Co. went down in history as one-hit wonders. In 1978, Westbound released the group's second album, Deadeye Dick, which was also produced by Coffey and Theodore. That LP received very little attention and C.J. & Co. broke up without ever recording a third album. 




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C.J. & Co. - 1978 - Devil's Gun - 4/5



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